The Member Relationship

It’s hard to imagine that Hospitality Minnesota became a merged membership association 2 years ago. We were filled with anticipation and plans for how we would build on the strong relationship traditions within each of the three founding associations. Instead, our focus had to turn immediately to helping the industry survive.

It turns out, those traditions are what made us stronger together when some businesses were struck by devastating economic blows as others thrived. Whether it has been through sharing knowledge and information about operating within the protocols designed for ensuring health and safety or offering moral support and access to resources to keep your business moving forward, membership has created connections that are making a difference. We are stronger together, and it matters that you make an annual investment in the work.

Make the most of your membership by:
— making certain we have the most up-to-date information on your business, including the employees you want to include in your profile so they can benefit, too.
— getting involved in helping to make the association stronger through advocacy, regional organizing, board service, and more.
— recruiting others you’d like to be working with to shape the future of the industry into membership; we can help you do that.
— building relationships with your local, state and federal elected officials and encourage them to use you as a resource when they are working on an issue that will impact hospitality businesses.
— checking out the our Vendor Directory and the Business Center regularly to find the products and services you need; you’ll often find special discounts for association members.
— connecting with other members through regional events, programs and training, or by reaching out to get to know someone you don’t know yet.
— staying up-to-date on what is happening through our member communications and the web site — make certain and other staff addresses are on your safe senders list.
— bookmarking in your favorite browser.

In the end, the benefits of membership are in the relationships we build with one another. Let us know how we can help.

Photo credit: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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