Ready for board service? Nominations open 9/7-9/30/22 for HM and HMEF Boards

Hospitality Minnesota members play an important role in driving future growth and governance of both the Association and the Education Foundation by serving as board members.

Both boards are currently seeking nominations to serve terms beginning in January 2023. Each board brings invaluable industry intelligence, which informs the actions each takes to fulfill its mission. Here’s a bit about each board and how to nominate yourself or a colleague.

Hospitality Minnesota Association

The 24-member board is made up of hospitality business owners and operators as well as representatives of allied businesses from across all sectors, types of businesses and geographic locations. Directors must be members in good standing in order to serve. The primary work of the association board is to set and monitor the strategic direction of the organization and to help with member recruitment and outreach. Board members serve three-year terms with a limit of two consecutive terms, meet quarterly and serve on working committees and workgroups. Board members are expected to attend association events such as the Annual Meeting and invite others to do so. Those who serve have described a commitment to strengthening the hospitality industry and finding great value in connecting with other from businesses that are different than their own.

Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation

The 34 members of the Education Foundation board come from secondary and post-secondary education as well as hospitality businesses and the allied businesses that support them. The primary function of the Education Foundation board is the expansion and support of our workforce development programs. These include coordinating the implementation of the ProStart and Hospitality and Tourism Management Programs in Minnesota high schools and raising funds to support scholarships for students pursuing post-secondary degrees in culinary, hospitality and tourism management. Board members serve one-year terms with no limit on the number of consecutive terms served. The group meets quarterly and members serve on working committees as needed. They are expected to attend Foundation events, such as Stars of the Future and the MN ProStart Invitational. Those who serve indicate that the opportunity to foster future leaders of the hospitality industry drives their commitment.

Core to service on either board is the commitment to put self-interest aside in order to put the organization first. Successful candidates embrace guidelines regarding the duties of directors of non-profit organizations, including:

Duty of Care Directors must discharge their duties in good faith, in a manner the director reasonably believes to be the best interests of the organization

Duty of Loyalty Directors should avoid using their position or the organization’s assets in a way which would result in any monetary personal gain. A director should put the good of the organization first and avoid engaging in transactions with the organization from which the director will benefit.

Duty of Obedience Directors have a duty to follow the organization’s governing documents (articles of incorporation and by-laws), to carry out the organization’s mission and to assure that funds are used for lawful purposes.

If you’ve been thinking about getting more involved with association governance, or the idea of helping to support the education foundation is appealing, we encourage you to apply. Both organizations are made stronger and more effective through the work of their committed boards. Follow the links below to apply for the board of your choice.

Nominations for both boards will be open from September 6 through September 30.

Hospitality Minnesota Association (HM) Position Description

Hospitality Minnesota Association (HM) Application

Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation (HMEF) Position Description

Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation (HMEF) Application


Photo credit: Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash

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