Get Immediate Take-Aways Through Operating Now

When looking for a way to organize how to connect with members and get useful, real-time information in to members hands during the pandemic, Hospitality Minnesota launched “Operating Now.”

These webinars feature subject matter experts to help operators and their teams stay up-to-date on everything hospitality from resolving a current problem to complying with a new regulation or addressing an emerging opportunity.

Drawing first on our wealth of resources, we turn first to our Allied members and community partners as subject matter experts. Topics run the gamut from operational issues to regulatory compliance to online idea sharing sessions.

A new batch of Operating Now webinars are on the books and include:

04.11  |  Going Green: How Sustainability Initiatives Can Pay Off for Hospitality Businesses
04.18  |  H-2B Visa Certification for Seasonal Temporary Workers
04.25  |  Maximizing Your Tax Credits
05.02  | Going Digital: Newspaper Advertising Isn’t What It Used To Be
05.04  |  Summer 2023 Staff Training Idea Share
05.09  |  Managing Your Cybersecurity Risk
06.06  |  The Growing Sober Socializing Movement

Registration is now open for most webinars, and more will be added throughout the summer. This program is free for members, with a nominal charge for non-members.

Registering to participate in the live webinar has a couple of advantages. You’re the first to receive the content and you have the opportunity to interact with the presenter and other members through breakouts (when used) and the question and answer part of the program. You can get your questioned answered immediately.

Members who can’t attend a session can access recordings (when available) through the member portal on the Hospitality Minnesota web site. You can login to the portal by clicking LOGIN in the upper right corner of the homepage. Your login information is your email and password. If you don’t have your password, click on “Forgot your password?” to reset it. You’ll find recordings under Additional Resources → Operating Now Content.

We’re always looking for new Operating Now topics and presenters. To make recommendations, please contact Ann Kirby.

Is your business interested in underwriting Operating Now as a Hospitality Minnesota Strategic Partner, or sponsoring or presenting and individual webinar or series? Contact Ann Kirby for more information.

Photo credit: Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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