Hospitality Law Review: An Invaluable Member Tool

Hospitality Minnesota’s policy and advocacy work is a hallmark of our association. We’re proud of the government affairs leadership we provide in shaping the hospitality industry at the local, state and federal levels. Our work benefits the industry at large, meaning that businesses who have not joined you are benefitting from this crucial work you support. There is one important dimension of this work that is available only to members — the Hospitality Law Review.

Hospitality businesses are among the most highly regulated – from employment to food safety, from environmental health and safety to shoreline management and from licensing to taxes. Keeping track of all of the state laws and local ordinances that impact your business can be a challenge, especially because many are moving targets.

For Minnesota hospitality businesses, there is no other tool like it. The Hospitality Minnesota Law Review is a comprehensive summary of the laws and ordinances that impact your business. While it is not intended as the final word on the legal and regulatory compliance, it is an invaluable starting point for

As we do after each legislative session, Hospitality Minnesota has updated the review to reflect changes in the past session. The 2022 Hospitality Minnesota Law Review is a crucial resource for any type of hospitality business. The Law Review is your first stop when trying to figure out how a law or ordinance might impact you.

Not meant to replace legal counsel, the Law Review can help you understand the issue and shape questions you ask your legal or financial counsel about how best to comply.

Hospitality Minnesota members have the added benefit of access to our professional staff. We can help you begin to interpret the intent of a regulation and help you determine if you are in any jeopardy. We can also point you toward law and financial services firms with specific expertise from among our Allied members.

In the Law Review, you’ll find:

  • Entries, written in lay language, on state laws and local ordinances organized
  • into two categories: Labor-Related Laws and Hospitality Legal Issues.
  • Information on relevant federal laws.
  • Citations of statutes as relevant.
  • Links to helpful sources of additional information, including state and federal documents and agencies.
  • A handy list of key resources.
  • A reference guide on records retention.

You can download the Law Review under the Additional Resources tab in the Member Portal.

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