Legislative Road Show: Rochester and Willmar Lakes Area Recap

To wrap up July, Hospitality Minnesota made two more stops in Rochester and the Willmar Lakes Area respectively to continue facilitating conversations between leaders in the hospitality industry and local elected officials. During both events, attendees engaged in meaningful discussions, addressed critical issues, and legislators answered questions from our members. We were encouraged by the attention given to workforce concerns and the importance placed on bi-partisan collaboration at both events. The key takeaways from each event are below.

    • At the Rochester event, Representative Tina Liebling (District 24B) celebrated Hospitality Minnesota’s efforts to pass $600,000 in workforce investments for the state’s ProStart programs as well as the state’s first online hospitality training program. At the same event, Senator Carla Nelson (District 24) acknowledged the importance of “training people in jobs that exist” and thanked Hospitality Minnesota for our work in workforce development. Representative Kim Hicks (25A) added that much of our current workforce is at the age where they are taking care of both their parents as well as their children, indicating that employment benefits make even more difference in attracting job seekers.
    • At the Willmar Lakes Area event, Representative Dave Baker (District 16B) and Senator Andrew Lang (District 16) highlighted the challenges many businesses will feel in the one-size-fits all program.

The insights shared throughout the tour have highlighted that more conversation is needed between our hospitality industry leaders and our elected officials to understand what lasting impact this past legislative session will have on our industry. With that spirit of connection, Hospitality Minnesota invites all members and individuals interested in learning more to join us at one of our other four scheduled events this summer. Find the event location closest to you and register here.

Hospitality Minnesota remains committed to advocating for the interests of its members and ensuring the continued growth and success of the hospitality industry throughout the state. Stay tuned for further updates as we work together to build a stronger future for Minnesota’s vibrant hospitality sector.

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