HOPAC: Turning Member Contributions into Action

Engagement in political advocacy is a hallmark of Hospitality Minnesota Association’s work on behalf of its member businesses, and it happens in two key ways. Most are familiar with and actively involved in direct advocacy with elected officials and the policy-making process, but did you know that your association also administers a political action committee (or PAC)? It’s the Hospitality Minnesota Political Action Committee, or HOPAC, and it is more important than ever to get engaged.

PACs are registered with the Minnesota Campaign Finance (and Public Disclosure) Board (CFB), a six-member panel appointed by the Governor, which develops, administers, and enforces public disclosure of all political contributions. At the committee level, compliance with the rules is managed by a named treasurer.

Campaign finance laws dictate that all financial contributions to a PAC be from a personal financial account, and can be made to candidates, other political committees and political parties. In Minnesota, it is against the law for corporations to donate money to candidates or to political parties, either directly or indirectly through another group. Hospitality Minnesota is required to submit regular reports on all contributions to the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.

The Hospitality Minnesota Political Action Committee, or HOPAC, is the mechanism we use to support candidates running for the legislature or statewide office that have demonstrated a commitment to a robust hospitality industry in Minnesota. It is funded by individual contributions from members and associates, and contributions are made to targeted individual state office campaigns, as well as to the house and senate caucuses of both GOP and DFL parties.

All Hospitality Minnesota members are strongly encouraged to donate to HOPAC to help ensure hospitality and tourism concerns are priorities for our state lawmakers. Members can become more involved in this dimension of our important advocacy work in a few ways:

  • Donate to HOPAC by going to our website, or send a check to HOPAC at 2520 University Av SE, Suite 201, Minneapolis MN 55414
  • Host or attend a fundraiser; we can help.
  • Join the HM Advocacy Group

For more information about HOPAC, contact Ben Wogsland at (651) 925-4022 or ben@hospitalitymn.com.

If you’d like to learn more about Political Action Committees in Minnesota, check out the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board Handbook.

Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

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