Ecolab: Helping Offset the Labor Squeeze and Tightening Operations: A Partnership Perspective

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Hospitality Minnesota Strategic Partner, Ecolab, offers a partner perspective on tightening operations to help offset the labor squeeze. Here is a summary, click on the link below for the full article and infographic.

Labor challenges continue to impact many industries and business segments. And the cruelest irony? That some of the most significant shortages are hitting areas where demands are higher than ever: the workers responsible for helping keep spaces clean, healthy and safe — are also those shouldering the burden of higher expectations around public health and food safety. With signs suggesting these trends aren’t going anywhere, the most successful business operators are uncovering key strategies for empowering staff, simplifying workflows, and driving labor efficiency, without compromising experiences, facility safety or brand image.

3 Key Strategies for Driving Labor Efficiency in Cleaning

1. SIMPLIFY: Make facility cleaning protocols simple to learn
and execute

2. STREAMLINE: Make it fast and easy to clean the “right way”

3. SHOW THEM HOW: Prioritize onboarding and ongoing training

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Click here for summary infographic.

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