Creating a Recruitment Loop Through Capango Partnership

Partnership with the Job Launchpad, powered by Capango, aimed at building a focused pipeline for hospitality workers.

Recruiting hourly and gig workers keeps eating the bandwidth of our member businesses, and we’ve been working to find solutions to help. Hospitality Minnesota is building a first-of-its-kind partnership with Capango, a mobile app dedicated to simplifying the recruiting pipeline, to link the students participating in ProStart and Hospitality and Tourism Management programs in high schools across Minnesota with association member businesses.

We think Capango is a platform that can help. Businesses can find employees who specifically want to work in hospitality by connecting in real time. As more hospitality businesses use it, it can become a more robust and focused recruiting pipeline for the hospitality industry in Minnesota.

Through agreements with the National Restaurant Association, Capango has built in functionality that allows students to distinguish their profiles by adding ProStart and ServSafe badges, setting them apart from others as candidates with a grounding in hospitality and useful certifications under their belt. Other training and education certifications will be added in the future.

Information about the app is being shared with students in high schools across Minnesota, through an initiative call the Job Launchpad, powered by Capango. The company is also making a significant marketing investment to recruit other hourly work jobseekers, of all ages, to the platform.

ALL Hospitality Minnesota members receive a 10% discount on their subscriptions through a partnership with the National Restaurant Association’s Marketplace program. We encourage all members to evaluate if Capango is the right solution for your business.

Learn more about Capango and subscribe

Check out the Job Launchpad for students

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