Back to [a Plan for] the Future

Back in early 2020, we had all sorts of plans for new programs and services that would shape our newly merged association. We were committed to merging well, delivering on our promises and growing stronger as your industry association in the coming years. Most of our plans, like those of our members, came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit. Our focus turned towards disseminating operating guidance, communicating about the shifting landscape and advocating for financial and regulatory relief. At the same time, we did our best to keep moving forward on our commitment to merge well as we worked to transition from five legal entities to two.

We were able to achieve a lot, some of which was internal and not visible to our members. Though it’s ready for an update, our accomplishments throughout the pandemic are posted on our website [see link below]. The legislative wins were many. Our communications to members have expanded in frequency and through more channels. We’ve had a deeper and broader level of media coverage we thought would take years to achieve. And, we’ve strengthened the Hospitality Minnesota Education Foundation as a core strategy for building a stronger hospitality workforce for the future. We did all of this as our staff count went from 11 to 7, serving both the Association and the Education Foundation. We’ve relocated to a smaller, better situated office with remote work continuing for most of our staff.

We have been anxious to back to the plans for programming and services that we had to set aside. As we turn the page on the pandemic,  we’re excited by how they are coming together.

At the June meeting of the Hospitality Minnesota board of directors, staff presented our strategic operational plan. This is our first such formal plan as a united association, and what this means for you is the emergence of programs and resources squarely aimed at helping reduce the friction you might encounter in running a successful business.

Our key goals are based on your input and focused on serving YOU. Chiefly we aim to:

  • Improve your member experience and ensure you know how to get more deeply engaged with the association and your peers.
  • Respect your time by offering a variety of tailored ways to engage online and in person. This includes options that may be close to where you live and work.
  • Deliver timely, relevant and accessible information and resources to inform your decision making and you can put into action to impact your business.

A new programming structure will feature offerings to help you build capacity in your business, access information to help you stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape and capitalize on emerging trends. Topics will focus on areas that are most pressing and applicable such as people and culture, finance and operations, regulatory and compliance and promoting your business. While knowledge sharing is important, we also know how much we all are craving in-person get-togethers and having FUN! Socializing and connecting members to one another for resource sharing will be a key part of what we initiate going forward.

Along with programming and access to money-saving products/services, your industry association is committed to providing you with:

    • Knowledge to Grow
    • Resources to Thrive
    • Advocacy to Advance
    • Engagement to Connect

Remember, your membership investment is for your entire business, so be sure to let us know who your team members are so they get on our distribution list to access resources and information that can help them with their jobs. We are firmly committed to helping you solve problems so you can operate a thriving, successful hospitality business.

Please reach out to us anytime with ideas, feedback and questions. Your input is critical in making sure we are providing the help and resources you need to succeed.

Wishing you all the best for a fantastic guest-filled summer!

Liz Rammer
President and CEO

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