Association Elects Six New Directors, Retains Four Incumbents

Following a State of the Association, presented by outgoing board chair, Howard Anderson, the members attending the Hospitality Minnesota Association Annual Meeting on November 15 approved the slate of officers and new and incumbent directors for the 2023 board year.

The Nominating and Governance Committee, chaired by JJ Haywood and including Howard Anderson,  Joe DeRose, Mari Harries, Scott Krause and Tony Boen, conducted a comprehensive search process throughout the fall. This year marked the final year of the last cohort of “First Board” members — those directors who served on previous association boards and joined the integrated association board to serve throughout the transition. If the caliber of our board candidates over the past three years, resulting in three strong cohorts of new directors, is any indication of the success of the merger, we’ll say we have merged very, very well.

The committee is also charged, in collaboration with the Executive Committee, with nominating officers and committee members to serve on the three standing bodies — Executive Committee, Finance Committee and the Nominating and Governance Committee.

Those elected this year include:

2023 Association Officers

  • Chair | Cathy Bovard | Director of Operations | D’Amico Catering
  • Vice Chair | Scott Krause | Vice President | Sand Hospitality
  • Immediate Past Chair | Howard Anderson | Vice President | Odyssey Resorts
  • Treasurer | Ron Rykken | Owner | Timber Bay Lodge and Houseboats
  • Secretary | Tony Boen | Director of Operations | Grandma’s Restaurant Company

​​Directors Beginning Terms on January 1, 2023

  • Howard Anderson | Vice President Strategic Planning | Odyssey Resorts (incumbent)
  • Bill Godbe | General Manager | Element by Westin at Target Field (1st term)
  • Branden Robinson | General Manager | South Pier Inn (incumbent)
  • Cathy Bovard | Director of Operations | D’Amico Catering (incumbent)
  • Colin Anderson | Corporate Account Manager | Ecolab (1st term)
  • Joe Henry | Executive Director | Lake of the Woods Tourism (1st term)
  • Karen Blacik | CFO/Business Operations, National Restaurant Lead | CliftonLarsonAllen (1st term)
  • Paul Bugbee | Owner | Bug-Bee Hive Resort (1st term)
  • Tony Boen | Director of Operations | Grandma’s Restaurant Company (incumbent)
  • Wesley Otto | Owner | Zanz Mexican Restaurant and Otto Media Group (1st term​)​

Executive Committee

  • Chair | Cathy Bovard
  • Vice Chair | Scott Krause
  • Treasurer | Ron Rykken
  • Secretary | Tony Boen
  • Immediate Past Chair | Howard Anderson

Staff Liaison | Liz Rammer

Finance Committee

  • Treasurer | Ron Rykken, Committee Chair
  • Chair | Cathy Bovard
  • Vice Chair | Scott Krause
  • Immediate Past Chair | Howard Anderson
  • Board Member 1 | Robert Kisabeth
  • Board Member 2 | TBD
  • Non-Board Member | Dean Bachmeier

Staff Liaisons | Liz Rammer and Kristine Frederick

Nominating and Governance Committee

  • Committee Chair | Howard Anderson (as Board Immediate Past Chair)
  • Committee Member | Cathy Bovard (as Board Chair)
  • Board Member 1 | Mari Harries
  • Board Member 2 | David Benowitz
  • Board Member 3 | Mindy Fredrikson
  • Board Member 4 | Karen Lamb

Staff Liaisons | Liz Rammer and Ann Kirby

Following the election, Howard wished the outgoing board members a fond farewell with these words:

Welcoming new directors means that we will say good-bye to directors who’ve served through the merger. If those who will be leaving the Board will come forward.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, membership and staff, I would like to thank:

  • JJ Haywood
  • Joe DeRose
  • Tom Frederick
  • Brad Stelzer, and
  • Brent Frederick 

You have been terrific board colleagues and strong advocates for the vision we have for the future of our association.

  • JJ, your willingness to continue serving in the Immediate Past Chair role as it felt less and less immediate lent a vital sense of continuity in tumultuous times.
  • Joe, your thoughtful and forthright observations and counsel have called us to integrity and reminded us to continually strive to do what we set out to do.
  • Tom, your commitment to the financial health of the association and service as an ambassador for it have fanned the embers of growth and impact. You’ve earned your anticipated retirement and we hope you’ll stay in contact.
  • Brad, you understood the power of the link between the association and the education foundation. We are grateful for how you have leveraged your relationships and the financial commitment of Ecolab to strengthen both organizations.
  • Brent, we’ve appreciated your constant drive to point us toward the future with calls for simpler solutions and more innovative approaches.

You have all done your part and we look forward to continuing to connect through your participation in member events and programs.

The meeting ended with a toast offered by Allied member, Martin Kappenman of Peters, Revnew, Kappenman & Peterson. Kappenman cheered incoming and outgoing directors with these this nod to board service:

Board transitions are an important signal of the health and vitality of an organization, so it is important to take a moment to acknowledge this moment for Hospitality Minnesota. I would like to offer a two part toast.

First, to those who are leaving the board after more than 3 years of service (for some of you, it has been many more than 3 years!)  – JJ Haywood, Joe DeRose, Brad Stelzer, Tom Frederick and Brent Frederick. You have been vital stewards through the merger and the unknown landscape created by the pandemic by providing expertise and continuity. Hospitality Minnesota is grateful for and better because of your significant contributions to the integrated association we are becoming. May you be proud of all you’ve contributed! All, raise your glasses to our outgoing board members – Cheers!

And now, to those who will take up the mantle of board service. Welcome and thank you to our new board members – Bill Godbe, Colin Anderson, Joe Henry, Karen Blacik, Paul Bugbee and Wesley Otto – and to our continuing members – Cathy Bovard, Howard Anderson, Tony Boen and Branden Robinson – for your willingness to bring your talents, capacities and connections to our work. May you know our appreciation for your dedication and find fulfillment in your service. Cheers to our returning board members!

And, glasses raised, the assembled responded, “Cheers!”


Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

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