Are Robots a Solution to the “Tug of War” You’re Experiencing?

Daily, operators must feel like they are in a never-ending tug of war. Unfortunately, it seems like the rope is always pulling you away from the daily operations and guest focus into finding answers to the next crisis that seem to be never ending.

As problems run the gamut, you’re faced with challenges in every aspect of your business. How much more are this month’s utilities? What increases are you dealing with on the cost of goods? Which employee can no longer work on Friday? Which product delivery was cancelled this week? Can I keep my dining room fully open today?

Could one of those service assistant robots be an answer?

Food delivery robot in a cafe setting

Operators are forced to “play defense” to keep up with the continuous operational struggles. Automation is available to help with staffing availability and can increase the amount of positive interaction with guests. Robotic “material handling” autonomous vehicles are one way to reverse the trend.

Your sales team can’t keep selling if they are continuously pulled away from the sales environment. Robotic systems can greatly increase the guest attention and focus. These same systems can assist your hosts by guiding guest to their tables or rooms. They can move dirty plates back to the dishwashing area, which allows the continuous manicuring of the tables and reduces the time it takes turn tables. Robots can be used to deliver toiletries or clean towels to an overnight guest.

There are several things to consider when evaluate if a robotic material handling system is a good fit for your operation. They include:

  1. What are the system capacities?
  2. How easy it the system to use?
  3. How well does the distributor understand your hospitality business? Do they they have experience solving the kinds of issues you’re trying to solve?
  4. What types of installation and training will the distributor offer?
  5. What continuous support is available and how much does it cost?
  6. What is the monthly/daily cost?
  7. What types of terms are available?
  8. What if I want the newest available technology, how can I trade or swap out my unit?
  9. What if my system isn’t working, how quick does the distributor react to my issue?
  10. Should you rent, lease or purchase?

That last question is important. Look for a distributor who offers the kind of flexibility that gives you the chance to determine if this is the right solution for you.

An autonomous delivery robot can help you tug the rope back in your favor, so you can focus on all the reasons you are in the hospitality business to begin with. Using robots in the right ways for your business can ensure your guests are always attended to, while your staff can focus on increasing sales and delivering a great guest experience. Turning tables more quickly, keeping hosts at the point on entry to make a memorable first impression, and delivering restaurant or room service orders quickly are just a few of the ways to do that.

Curious to learn more? I’d be happy to talk with you about your options.
Tom Alessi – Allied Member

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